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tl elements
A Revit® add-in for building Architecture models. Features of elements filtering by attributes, creation of walls, walls finishing (walls or layers), floors, ceilings (post-2021), doors and windows insertion, solids operations, parts handling and much more.

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tl solids
A FREE Revit® Add-In to perform checks for intersections, joined elements and cut possibilities, as well as automatic operations of join, cut and join order switching for multiple model elements in Revit®.

tl elements xpress
A FREE Revit® Add-In to perform the automatic building of Architecture models out of rooms, separation lines and user preferences; automatic application of wall finishes and insertion of frames; optional and automatic join of wall, floor and ceiling (post-2021) elements; optional and automatic creation of wall parts. Basically, it is a way to run a streamlined single execution of several commands of the 
TL Elements application.


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