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Doctoral Student in Computer Science
MSc. in Construction Processes
BIM Manager (MBA)
Civil Engineer, Computer and Data Scientist



Architect and Urbanist
BIM Manager (MBA)

eTLipse is a brazilian company that merges the works of two professionals of Architecture, Engineering and Programming. In the background we can see images from some of these works and BIM processes, provided to offices, AEC companies and public agencies, like Architect Rogério Lima, Bravo Engenharia and Secretaria das Cidades do Maranhão, as well as lectures and courses to institutions like IFMA, CEUMA and UNDB.
In addition to the experience of its members in the AEC design an teaching fields, eTLipse has its focus on project development using generative design and computer programming to simplify and automate processes in AEC business, through both consulting and execution of these processes.

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BRAVO ENGENHARIA, Hotel Illa (in progress)

Modeling of different disciplines and clash checking for BIM project compatibilization workflow. Partner: Architect Felipe Brito.

DOMUS ARQ. E CONSULT., São Paulo Apóstolo Church (2017)

Refining of existing BIM model, modeling of structure, design solutions implementation and 4D simulation. Designed by partner Architect Rogério Lima

SECRETARIA DAS CIDADES/MA, Morada do Bosque (2017)

Multiple BIM processes consulting, concerning modeling, coordination, clash checking, model revisions and 4D simulation of construction.


For brazilian institutes like CEUMA, UNDB, IFMA, INBEC and Instituto NAVIGARE.

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