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tl elements – affiliates tutorial

Affiliates System

TL Elements Affiliates are professionals and special users that can provide an exclusive code to their audience/followers. The use of this code will grant a discount (for Full single licenses) or a promotional value (for Business licenses) on the payment of the first 12 months at the purchase of the respective TL Elements license to the user. The image below shows the example of the discount code field on the User Account page, where the user can enter the Affiliate code to apply the discount on the payments of the first 12 months (otherwise, if the user is purchasing a Business license in the Subscribe to Annual Business License page, a promotional value will be applied).

00 User Affiliate Discount Field.jpg

After the application of a valid code, the common PayPal buttons are replaced by special ones (yellow), which will allow the user to purchase a license with the Affiliate discount (or promotional value, in case it is a Business license purchase) on the payment of the first 12 months.

01 User Affiliate Discount.jpg

Any paid subscription to TL Elements done by the use of an Affiliate code will generate to the Addiliate a commission with the value of the payment of the first month of the sold license.

In order to be a TL Elements Affiliate, you must first have a valid account (see the Create an Account to TL Elements tutorial for details) and this account must have special attributes exclusively granted by the eTLipse administrators.

Once your Affiliate account is set by eTLipse, you can login to your Affiliate page. To enter the TL Elements login/signup area you have to access the TL Elements main page and click the LOGIN/SIGNUP button.

02 Click Login Signup.jpg

In the following page you can click the LOGIN button at the Affiliate Account section.

03 Affiliate Login.jpg

The Login page will show up and you must enter your username (or e-mail) and password. The username is not case sensitive.

04 Login Screen.jpg

The Affiliate Account page will show information like the Affiliate name and the code that should be provided to the audience to compute the commission for the Affiliate.

05 Affiliate Screen 01.jpg

It is also possible to see the percentage value of the discount granted by the Affiliate code. 

Below the percentage, we can see the total in commissions earned by the Affiliate (paid or not) and the balance receivable with the values that eTLipse have not yet paid to the affiliate.

At the end of the page, there is a table with the username and e-mail of all users that purchased a license to TL Elements by the Affiliate code.

06 Affiliate Screen 02.jpg
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