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Use of Computer Programming in BIM Methodology
(PDF Guide)

In this guide we demonstrate examples of programming in BIM methodology by using the Autodesk Revit API. A great step up for those who seek creating their own BIM solutions.

(NOW finally in ENGLISH language as well) 


Recommended: basic knowledge in Revit

Resources used in the guide (Add-In Manager):

This guide is a section from our general "Use of Programming for BIM Methodology" guide, focusing on the basics of the Revit API for add-ins


Recommended: basic knowledge in Revit

WPF Template for Revit Add-In with Multiple Commands
(Visual Studio Template)

In this FREE WPF project template we provide a complete code to execute a Revit Add-In with multiple commands in a modeless dialog user interface.


Recommended: basic knowledge in Revit and Revit API

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